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The best snowboard bag options

snowboard bag

Have you ever thought "what size snowboard bag do I need?" If you're just getting started with the snowboarding, look through the types of snowboard bags, why you need a bag, and the best options you can find on the market.

Snowboarding is a sport that requires a lot of equipment, such as special clothing, boots, board, bindings, helmet, goggles, and so on. Of course, one of the most expensive items is the board. However, how do you transport it? Probably, beginners do not think about protecting the board and carry it along with the rest of the things. However, in this case, the board may be scratched, damaged, or even broken. Thus, you need to take care of the board so that it will serve you for many years! That is why there are now a large number of snowboard bags. However, how to choose it?

How to choose a snowboard bag?

So, if you are getting ready to go snowboarding, you need not only a board, but also a snowboard bag in order to protect it from damage. Of course, snowboard bags come in a variety of fits and sizes, but it's best to choose one that is slightly larger than your board. Thus, you will be able to put other valuables there.

So, first you need to check out the dimensions of your snowboard. So, if the board is big enough, then the bag should be the appropriate size. It is important to know the size before buying in order not to make the mistake of choosing a bag that will not fit your snowboard, because it will be smaller.

What are snowboard bag types?

So, before you buy a snowboard bag, it is important to research different bag types. Thus, you can understand whether this or that bag suits your needs and buy what will be comfortable for you.

  • Sleeve Snowboard Bag. So Sleeve is just about any snowboard bag that can be easily found in a regular sports store. These bags are known for their simple designs. Thus, if you are a lover of minimalism, this is a good option for you.  Another nice advantage of these bags is that they are cheap. Thus, almost any snowboarder can afford such a bag. It is also worth noting that most of them can only fit just a single snowboard. So, if you've been looking for an inexpensive option, you've found it.
  • Padded Non wheeled Snowboard Bag. This snowboard bag is suitable for those people who travel frequently. Padded Snowboard Bags are distinguished by their various ranges of padding level - fully padded, slightly padded on the floor of the snowboard bag, and so on. Also their feature is that they are usually available with multiple or single board lifting options. Why are these bags so popular with snowboarders - travelers? Padded snowboards bags can protect your board and gears from the weight of other people's bags. However, since these bags do not have wheels, it can sometimes be difficult to move with them. If you want a bag with wheels, you should consider the next option.
  • Padded Wheeled Snowboard Bag. This type of snowboard bag is completely versatile and comfortable for both the beginner and the experienced snowboarder. Typically, wheeled snowboard bags are used by riders who like to travel with more than a single board with them. Since these bags are big on paddings, they often come with space for keeping several boards. So, if you are traveling with a friend or partner, one bag is enough to carry two boards! What's more, many snowboarders choose these bags because they are big enough to carry boots, some clothes and other snowboard gears. However, there is a wheeled snowboard bags drawback. Since they are often bulky, it is very difficult to take them up the mountain.

So you've seen several types of snowboard bags. While the first (Sleeve) is the cheapest, the second (Padded non wheeled) has more protection but no wheels. Thus, if you are traveling with one board, the second option may be optimal for you. If you are looking for a cheap option, then the first option will suit you best. However, if you want a wheeled bag with enough space to store your other items, you can use the third option (Padded wheeled). It will also be relevant if you are traveling with someone, since you can use one snowboard bag for two people.

What are the best snowboard bag options?

Since choosing a snowboard bag can be a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner, you have to spend a lot of time researching information and talking to experts. In order to save time, we have prepared some great options. You can study information about these bags as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag

The Dakine snowboard bag is a fairly high quality and versatile bag that will suit anyone from a beginner to a professional snowboarder. If you like long trips, the Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag is a great option for you. The functionality of this bag will allow you to hold at least two snowboards. What's more, the Dakine snowboard bag is capable of accommodating two snowboards and either of them with bindings mounted! So size is clearly an advantage, as two snowboarders can carry one travel bag, which is certainly very convenient.

It is worth noting that the Dakine snowboard bag has a fairly solid construction with all round padding for protecting your board from bumps, weight and other conditions that you will encounter.

You will surely be surprised, but the Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag also comes with boot and outwear bags. Another advantage is that both of these bags are removable! This way, if you want to take your boots or clothes with you, you won't think about how to do it. If you do not need this, you can remove them and they will not interfere with you.

The Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag is equipped with the two pockets on the exterior with a zipper. Thus, you can store the most essential things there that will be easy to get. What's more, this bag has urethane wheels that rolls so effortlessly.

Now let's focus specifically on the advantages and disadvantages


  • The bag has removable boot and outwear bags, which is convenient for people who travel a lot. This way, you don't need to buy additional clothes bags as you will already have them.
  • Solid construction will allow you to protect your snowboard from scratches or other damage. This way, you can always know that your snowboard is safe.
  • Roominess. This bag is perfect even if you want to take two snowboards with you. So you can use it when traveling with a friend or partner.
  • Convenient and manoeuvrable handle can be overlapped on your luggage bag. This way it will be much easier for you to move.


  • The quality of the fabric. If you are concerned that your snowboard bag is of good quality fabric, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag

Thule is one of the best snowboard gear makers. If you've been snowboarding for a long time, you probably know about the Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag. Since this bag is equipped with rock-solid wheels, pulling the bag is as easy as possible. Thus, if you spend a lot of time traveling, you should definitely pay attention to this bag.

Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag is also known for its huge size. This bag is enough to keep two snowboards even 165cm long, as well as boots and other equipment. What's more, this snowboard bag comes with cinch upper ski arms and is padded on the sides. The composition of the bag is also an advantage as it is made up of 100 percent fibers.

Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag has many interesting features, for example the shoulder straps are detachable giving you superior versatility. It is also worth noting that the bag has a couple of grab handles on every part -the sides, top, and ends of the bag. Thule RoundTrip Snowboard Roller Bag also has a special zipper that allows you to have convenient access to your belongings.

Now let's look at the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Rock-solid wheels allow you to travel easily and comfortably with your bag wherever you go, so it's a great benefit for people who travel a lot.
  • Huge size. Since the bag has room for two boards and other equipment, this can be very convenient for most snowboarders.
  • Also this snowboard bag is padded on the top and sides.
  • The S-shaped zipper allows you to get easy access to the things you need.
  • The structure of the snowboard bag is 100 percent fibers.


  • Cost. This bag is quite expensive, but it is price for quality. This snowboarding bag meets all the requirements of professional snowboarders, so the price is justified.

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag is a versatile and functional bag that is also suitable for both beginners and experienced snowboarders. This bag has been designed for snowboarders who want to keep their gears packed up in one piece. If you are one of them, Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag is your perfect choice.

The first thing to look out for is the high waterproof ability of this snowboard bag. It is designed from 600D polyester material and the inside is lined with a heat-friendly waterproof material. So, no matter what the weather conditions are on the day you go snowboarding, the bag will handle it all. Even in rainy and damp weather, your gears will stay dry. Its padding is also worth noting, as it has been built with 10 millimeters thickness of foam padding around the sides. Thus, the contents of your bag will be almost impossible to damage.

Pay attention to the versatility of the Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag as it can accommodate all snowboards less than 175cm in length. The wheels are also heavy-duty and allow you to move comfortably while traveling.

It is worth noting that the snowboard base is enclosed in a weather resistant tarpaulin. What's more, the Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag has straps on the inside so you can tighten down your gears to the base of the bag. So it eliminates any possibility of movement within the bag and your board will always be safe.

Now, notice the advantages and disadvantages:


  • The versatility of the bag will allow you to store gears packed up in one piece. So, if you don't like having a lot of bags, this is the best option for you.
  • Internal straps fix your board in such a way that it will always remain stationary inside the bag.
  • Athletico Conquest fit all kinds of snowboards as it can hold boards up to 175 cm.
  • Waterproof 600D polyester lets you tackle any environment and keep your clothes dry.


  • The only color available is black with a white Athletico logo. However, it is difficult to call this a disadvantage, since this bag should be distinguished by its functionality, not design.


By examining the basic information about snowboard bags and their types, you can conclude which one is best for you. Remember, you can always ask a consultant at a sporting goods store to help you make the right choice. Also check out the top of the best bags, which are good options for both the beginner and experienced snowboarder.